Ref. 1OS-104-016

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Our new improved GOHARD 7" Single fin has a time-tested template. With an improved stiffer flex pattern creating an awesome affordable entry level fin. These fins are super tough and can handle some banging around. With responsive flex in the top 3rd of the fin gives you plenty of spring in and out of turns. Great for fun waves and flowing turns. Suitable for SUPs, Longboards and retro Single fins. Amazing value, Super tough, high performance fin. Featuring 3DFINS Proven Innovation Dimple Technology giving you “MORE SPEED MORE DRIVE”. - Our patented Dimple Technology, like on golf balls, has proven to reduce drag by up to 15% and increase speed while providing maximum stability. - 3DFINS unique ZGLASS formula creates a high performance Single fins that are incredibly strong, durable and provide maximum stability. After you try our fins, you will never look back. - Our Eco friendly sustainable packaging is 100% recyclable and is manufactured with low production waste.

Construction : Nylon Glass fibre composite
Best board : Classic Single fins, Longboards and Fun Board hybrids
Optimum weight ranges : + 60 kg
Taille : M

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